Far Beyond Surfing

Racing was my second love. I designed, built and drove my own cars to the top of my class at my local track (1/4 mile dirt oval). High-powered cars on a dirt track is one of the most spectacular forms of auto racing.

Are there any Cockroach fans out there? If you were there when it happened I’d love to hear from you.

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SoaPbox Derby

My wife and I took our daughter, Stacy, Soap Box Derby Racing. We met some cool people and had a lot of fun. We also worked as extras in the Disney TV film “Miracle in Lane 2”, in which Stacy and her pals drove the cars. Disney rented the cars from the derby families and hired the kids to drive them. Stacy made more money as a driver than we did as extras, but the experience was well worth it. All three of us showed up in the A&E documentary “The Competition” which featured the Rally Master’s Championship at Akron Ohio in 2000.


Shown in the photo: Stacy (behind her white car) and a friend, Scott.

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